About us

FIBCs Manufacturer

“Partnerships are grown from trust and understanding!” Our motto and guiding principle is the flagship idea that drives innovation at Thien Gia Phuc, allowing us to continue to improve and make products others simply can not.

Operating in District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City, the factory has been in operation since 2005. Growing to 90+ employees today, our factory is focused on delivering products that can handle tough jobs.  Because of this mindset, we are continuously looking to improve our standards, and because this mentality is shared by our entire staff we are always able to deliver quality made products.

We commonly get asked the same question, “why should we choose you to be our business partner?” The answer is concrete:

Thien Gia Phuc delivers ISO standard quality products, by designing, manufacturing, and marketing only the best of the best, communicating with you throughout the process. You can rest easy knowing that our capable staff is ready to take on anything, big or small we do it all!

The Factory

Our factory features quality machinery used for the manufacturing and production in FIBCs, PP, Baffle Bags, Loop Bags, Sling Bags, Golf Green Covers, Sports Field Covers, PVC, Helicopter Bags, PE, Form Fit Liners, Container Liners, Planter Bags, Geotextiles, Ground Covers, Silt Fence, blow film, straps, and custom products too. This equipment includes tape extrusion lines, circular weaving machines, strap weaving machines, sewing machines, cutting machines, blow film and blowing machines, printing machinery, hot seal equipment, hole punching machine, PP testing equipment, Bulk Bag testing equipment, and metal testing machinery.

Our specialization comes from years of experience in making custom and industry specific components that allow jobs to be completed faster, smarter, and easier. Our understanding of the need is directly related to our experience in these fields, and so we truly know the difficulties you have. That’s why we make it easy, utilizing extremely skilled labor to complete jobs right the first time, so you can to!

In addition, we continue to invest in our staff by offering comprehensive training programs. These dedicated instructional classes and workshops allow all our employees to advance, and have more opportunities which is part of our pledge to supporting the World Trade Organization (WTO) and it’s efforts to create fair trade and skilled labor forces. This difference is what sets us apart from other suppliers, and this ideology keeps our staff happy, and producing the best products on the market.

Finally, we stand by all our products! They are guaranteed to make the grade and conform to all specifications set, and you can rest assured of that. Our testing and prototyping process allows us to put the products under extreme situational use, meaning we thought of the worst scenarios, and ran it through the paces. It passed, and we know because of our track record, that they will stand up to ASTM, ISO, and any other requirements they need to..