PP tape

PP Tape is another offering that we handle for a number of smaller manufacturers involved in geotextile and geosynthetic production. We manufacture tape at a lower cost because our raw material pricing is lower, along with our labor and electricity costs. This helps you because its time, energy, and machinery that you dont need to buy or maintain. In addition, because of our ability to produce a wide array of sizes, weights, and characteristics we are able to deliver just about anything you might need.  We handle the hard parts so you can focus on what you do best!

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PP multi straps

PP Multi

Polypropylene Straps are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. We are able to produce these highly flexible straps, in almost any width, thickness, and color to match your needs. All of our straps are made from the same high quality raw materials that are used in our industrial fabrics division as well. Unlike others, we dont use left overs, or recycled content as other do.

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PP mono straps

Mono Filiment straps are another specialty of TGP. With our high powered team in place we are ready to meet your needs. Our capabilities include a wide range of size, thickness, and colors, as well as custom made options for specialty production needs. Ofter used in HVAC and other important industrial uses including food and beverage, these straps are made from both Polyethylene ( PE ) and Polyethylene Terephthalate ( PET ), and is also commonly know as Dacron.

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Polyester straps

Our Polyester straps at TGP are made for heavy duty usage so we only handle the best quality at every level. We know that these straps need to be extremely strong, with a high melting point, and available in any length. So we carry a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and strengths to ensure that we have straps for every need.

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Cable straps

Our cable straps are first class in terms of both strength and life span. TGP manufactures only the highest quality of Cabe straps to handle a wide range of strapping needs. Used in conjunction with Aligator Clips, our straps will hold strong and keep the load safe and sound. These reusable products are offered in a wide variety of sizing and thinknesses and can be customer made as well to fit your coloring and strenghth needs.

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