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Black hardwall bag

Black Hardwall Bags are exactly what they sound like. Designed to protect the cargo inside of them, these bags are generally used for more delicate items including both dry and liquid products. These FIBC containers are another great innovation that we have engineered and improved upon by adding our easy to lift loops which can reduce the use of pallets and even heavy machinery in some cases.

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PP rag bags

Polypropylene rag bags are widely used accross the world to help with everything from recycling efforts to simple clean up tasks. These bags are another of our featured products because we are able to offer them in a wide array of colors, sizes, and other options that will help with whatever you need. Plus, because our PP rag bags are made for each job, we also can do custom printing for you to ensure your cause is recognized.

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PP small bags

TGP manufactures and exports more polypropylene small bags than most, and has become a leader in producing these bags for a number of growing industries including construction supply, farming, fertilizer, sand, seed, kraft and paper, and tons of others. Available with a number of options including 4 color printing we have the capacity and capability to meet almost any need.

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