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Custom covers and Tarps

TGP does tarps and covers! We are proud to be S.E. Asia’s leading supplier of quality tarps and covers for a number of applications. Used in everything from sports fields to that stock of firewood in the winter, we produce products that do the job!

In addition, because we handle all the sewing in house, we can also do custom work to ensure the product stands up to the harshest needs and uses.  For the customer, this means extra eyelets, sewing lines, or even more special applications and extra fabric and features to serve specific needs. For us, it means another chance to show off our ability to exceed your expectations, and deliver another great product to a satisfied customer!

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Sewing fabrics

Sewing Fabrics

Our industrial fabrics division is ready and waiting to here about your next project. With out sewing fabrics line we have the ability to produce a wide array of textile products that help complete even the toughest jobs. We manufacture and supply fabrics for projects that other can’t by offering the ability to sew together multiple layers of fabric. This proves extremely important in a number of growing industries including oil production, road construction, field liners, geotubes, and a number of other areas including consumer and industrial fields.

These products are what TGP was founded on, and what make us better than the rest!

Contact us now for a quote and find out what we can do for you today.

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