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TGP is the standard bag specialist with years of experience producing bulk bags for only the hardest client needs. From Helicopters to heavy lifting we have the experience to make sure that our products meet your needs. to ensure quality and precision we focus on 6 main standard bag options:

– TGP 100 – Full open top, Flat bottom
– TGP 101 – Full open top, Discharge chute
– TGP 102 – Duffle top, Flat bottom
– TGP 103 – Duffle top, Discharge chute
– TGP 104 – Top spout, Flat bottom
– TGP 105 – Top spout, Discharge chute

By focusing on these products we are able to effortlessly create them for any need regardless of need or specifications.

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Design and PDF documentations

Standard bag designs

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Standard bag Design Thien Gia Phuc Bulk Bags Bulk Bags handling instructions

Our range of Standard Bags

Our range of Special Bags

Our bags are build to last, and do the job they should! At TGP we always strive for quality first and ensuring the ISO standard is well represented. Plus because we manufacture everything in house, we also have the ability to create custom products, which helps lead to new product developments and improvements.

If you are looking for high quality at affordable pricing from an international partner you can trust, then Thien Gia Phuc is the company you are looking for. We do not just talk about it, we deliver it all the time, every time. So no matter if you need silt proof seams, baffles, cord locks, or anything else, we have it in the bag!