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Re-Usable Pallet Wrappers

Posted on December 2, 2013 in Bulk Bags, Industrial bags -

Envirowrapper is an environmentally friendly and cost effective re-usable pallet wrapper. This re-usable pallet wrapper reduces the need for stretch wrap by 80% – 90% and will last approximately 3 – 5 years, or 300 – 500 trips. The waste in Alberta landfills from plastic stretch wrap is more than 5000 tons, if you multiply that by all of North America, the amount of needless waste is staggering. The Envirowrapper re-usable pallet wrapper is sturdier than conventional stretch wrap, providing a solution for many industry concerns.

This re-usable pallet wrapper can be installed in less than one minute and rolls up to take very little space while in transit. The Envirowrapper is easily applied and removed from a pallet load by one person, and can accommodate odd shaped loads. This wrap will virtually eliminate the problem of stretch wrap waste, and reduce cost by reducing transit damage. The Envirowrapper re-usable pallet wrapper also helps reduce employee injury resulting from slashing off wrap or handling steel banding.
Our re-usable pallet wrappers are made of very durable polypropylene and are 100% recyclable. The Envirowrapper re-usable pallet wrapper is patented in North America and has received many awards for innovation.
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