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Posted on September 20, 2013 in Industrial fabrics -

Tarpaulin is a staple product in S.E. Asia and around the world with a wide variety of uses from commercial, to industrial, and private sectors. Used widely in awnings and tents around the world, the product is finding its way into more things all the time as it proves time and again how cost effective it is.

Going along with our Covers and Tarps, Tarpaulin is ofter found in many of the same applications but is usally more customized by color, weights, and other addatives that give it special characteristics. Normally used for extended periods of time it features high UV, and other additives that allow it to be very flexible, strong, and long lasting.

We produce this product in a number of configurations and specifications so just let us know what your using it for and we can help you determine the need.