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PP & polyester yarn

Covering a wide array of applications and industried requires a diverse range of materials. At TGP we take pride in being masters of our trade, and not a single product by owning multiple lines and becoming skilled in everything that we do. Our yarns are another perfect example of this and prove that we will continue to be one of the biggest exporters of PP and Polyester Yarn.

Plus with production facilities from Asia to North America we are not only one of the best, but also have world wide experience and the ability to deliver quality everytime.

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PP rope

TGP does Polypropylene Ropes right! We have an extensive line of products ranging from sizes as small as 4mm, up to 28mm diameter. These ropes are avialable in most colors, and available in different sizes of spools and colis.

Poly ropes or PP ropes as they are called around the world are produced into  braided polypropylene rope, three strand hawser polypropylene rope, staple spun polypropylene rope, hollow braid polypropylene rope, and multifilament polypropylene rope.

As one of the cheapest, strongest, and most versitile ropes available in the world, they can be used for almost anything and become especially effective for use in water as the fiber does does absorb or grow and shrink as do natural fibers.

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PP tie

PP tie

Polypropylene Ties are used for closing our Duffle, discharge, and other special bag formats. Our PP ties are made from the same high quality raw materials and manufactured to do the job right the first time. While other complain about breakage and other quality issues, our products are guaranteed to stand up the needs of your job and we offer them in a variety of  colors and options to fit any need.

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